Thursday, June 2, 2011

funny mugshots

funny mugshots. Funny Mugshots (17 pics)
  • Funny Mugshots (17 pics)

  • eljanitor
    Apr 12, 11:25 PM
    I'm curious to know if anyone here is using a Fantom Drives external hard drive? If you are or know someone who is please tell me about your experience(s) with them good or bad.

    If youre not sure if you have one heres what they look like:

    funny mugshots. funny mugshots (16 pics)
  • funny mugshots (16 pics)

  • Lershac
    Apr 27, 06:48 PM
    Steve just does not look well in that photo - I even had to look closely to see if he'd been Photoshopped in or not as the colour of his skin is so different to the others'...

    Yeah that photo is Ollllllld.

    Like a year or so.

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  • liamkp
    Jul 30, 09:50 PM
    Has it arrived yet?

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  • PeckhamBog
    May 2, 04:51 PM
    It's all perspective. The biceps are closer to the camera than the hands. This is why, when taking pictures of fish, you always extend your arms toward the camera.

    Is that where the expression "scaling up the size" is derived from?

    I hope to find a blood session this month [last bled in December] but haven't tried taking a picture of myself before.

    I have a video of my wife getting a cannula inserted recently (and another one of my daughter having one removed) if any one wants to see some BIG needles. :D :eek:


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  • johnnyjibbs
    Oct 14, 04:09 AM
    Having trouble computing what exactly is "overdone" about the UI of this app. It is simple, clean and well organized.

    If you so desire, help a brother out and explain what is "overdone" about the UI?

    I remember back in the Nintendo 64 days there was a good Mario-like platform game called Banjo Kazooie. The first one looked amazing, was smooth and was a joy to play, looking great for one of the earlier games to come out on the system.

    Fast forward a couple of years and Banjo Tooie (Banjo Kazooie 2) came out. Sure, it was 'bigger and better', with even more stuff going on and 'better graphics'. But it pushed the N64 beyond its capabilities and suffered from jerky gameplay, with too many things packed in for its own good. The whole game was, while good in pockets, too cluttered and the whole thing felt 'overdone'.

    Tweetie 1 was akin to Banjo Kazooie. Unfortunately, Tweetie 2 is a bit more 'Banjo Tooie'. It's the classic underwhelming film sequel, there to cash on in on a brilliant first version.

    funny mugshots. funny mugshots. a collection of mug shots; a collection of mug shots. tizzl10. Sep 9, 09:24 PM
  • funny mugshots. a collection of mug shots; a collection of mug shots. tizzl10. Sep 9, 09:24 PM

  • smithrh
    Mar 25, 11:12 AM
    Not sure how people have gotten the idea that only Google has map data...

    Maps are old, people. They've been digitized for a damn long time. There are good sources of data available should Apple want to go in that direction.

    Now, when you talk about StreetView, yeah, that may be something of an issue.


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  • Truffy
    Apr 4, 08:49 AM
    Does anyone have any experience/recommendations for binding a NAS to Open Directory for user/group authentication? A number of NAS will authenicate to Active Directory, but apparently OS X Server's Windows support is well below par to support this. QNAP have a firmware update expected July/August which will inbclude wider LDAP support, but is there anything that will work now?

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  • WillEH
    Mar 28, 02:28 PM
    LOL it amazes me how little you guys know about the law. Please report me to the authorities, there is absolutely nothing they can. I even discussed it with my professor who monitored my bar and he got a kick out of it as well haha.

    So please, humor me that I'm not a real law student and don't know what I'm talking about. Sorry Apple geeks your area of expertise obviously isn't the political discourse of America. :P

    Try my other theories too, like entering my home, etc. Seriously, just humor me. (more so than I already am) LOL

    <3 little idiots <3

    Dam keyboard lawyer kids, he got us again!


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  • NoExpectations
    Apr 28, 08:48 AM
    I still use a Verizon dumbphone. I see no real reason to switch to iphone, simply because I have little interest in the device (plus, I can't afford a data plan right now, which is required when you buy a Verizon smartphone)

    Verizon requires a $30 month data plan....AT&T offers one for $15 if you don't use a lot of data. That'll save you $360 over the 2 year contract.

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  • Kawaraxa
    Apr 12, 08:32 AM
    I have iPad 2, 16gb 3G. As you can see in the pic, left side of display has grey shadows (these are not yellow spots). Very annoying in the white background. So what are these, is it normal?


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  • mikeschmeee
    Apr 5, 02:49 PM
    Here are photos from the other car show I went to over the weekend... ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

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  • MacFreak2011
    Apr 6, 11:46 AM
    How much is that?

    Per wikipedia, 1 Petabyte = 1000 terabytes


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  • mymemory
    Jul 23, 09:37 AM
    Ok, I can't download this quicktime, it is very funny and heavy but I need help. I have quicktime pro.


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  • mikeschmeee
    Apr 19, 05:57 PM
    No way to embed a youtube video on this forum which is kind of lame in my opinion but no worries. here is the link for those who are interested.

    More photos: ( ( ( (

    Hisdem, is that a Factory Five Racing car?


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  • Shawnpk
    Apr 19, 04:08 PM
    They do. It's called iPhone SDK Essential Training. It's a couple years old but may still be worthwhile for beginners.

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  • AmigoMac
    Nov 1, 06:36 AM
    Adium, Netnewswire lite, Romeo, KTA Tennis, Mactracker, Poisoned, Skype, VLC, MPlayer... :cool:

    MS Office :D (oops) :eek:


    funny mugshots. Funny Mugshots (17 pics)
  • Funny Mugshots (17 pics)

  • MacRumors
    Apr 28, 07:17 PM (
    Foss Patents ( and Bloomberg ( report that Samsung has broadened its patent lawsuit against Apple to include the U.S.In the U.S. complaint, Samsung accuses Apple of violating patents that "relate to fundamental innovations that increase mobile device reliability, efficiency, and quality, and improve user interface in mobile handsets and other products."The 10 patents that Samsung is alleging that Apple has infringed upon are detailed ( on the Foss Patents blog. Seven of the patents are related to communications standards and the others with user interface.

    The Samsung counter-suit is in response to Apple's original lawsuit against Samsung over the Galaxy line ( of smartphones and tablets. Apple has accused Samsung of "blatant copying" of the iPhone.

    Article Link: Samsung Brings Patent Lawsuit Against Apple to U.S. (

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  • blevins321
    Feb 11, 09:47 AM
    It's only available for Family Talk plans of $69.99+, which appears to be the 1400 mins plan.

    Just one note - it's available for the 700-minute plan too. Odd quirk (about all providers, not just AT&T) is that they advertise family plans for 2 lines but in all their billing systems it's billed at one line + one additional line. So in their system the 700-minute plan is $59 plus one additional $10 line to make their advertised $69.

    3 friends plus myself share a family plan..3 iPhones and 1 Messaging Phone. Just saw this pop up in the account manager when I went to pay my bill. We have the 700-minute family plan with the $30 unlimited texting already. The 4th that we added 3 weeks ago calls alot more than the rest of us do; but mostly to mobiles. This new 'free' addition to the plans is excellent, and will allow our shared 700 minutes to be plenty.

    For people saying the $30 (for family plans) is a lot, split the cost among 4 people and it's only $7.50 per person. Cheaper than even prepaid phones. Split it among 5 (might be adding a 5th friend in a couple weeks) and it's only $6. Good deal considering on our last bill (3 of us) we used 6700 texts and 104 picture messages total, so the free mobile calling is wonderful addition.

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  • Reach9
    Apr 4, 08:11 PM
    No, you said (above) that men would "stop the sexual assaults".

    Yes, men should stop. And to prevent sexual assault women should dress in a classy way. I hope you're getting my point.

    Aug 16, 04:41 PM
    Nobody gets it.

    .. I guess it was a lame joke anyway.

    Dec 1, 06:39 PM
    I think this is my favourite desktop ever (some of yours are okay though;))- tried showing it to people IRL but nobody's interested in neat desktops :( (not looking for any response btw- just have to get this out there- love the subject, the composition of the pic and the harmony) Yep, be a while before this pales: one of the best desktops of all time :D

    Oct 14, 04:21 PM

    awesome news i like the new interface looks promising

    Apr 30, 06:24 PM
    Handbrake works well too.

    Dec 16, 10:07 PM
    system preferences crashes when i hit sound, and also when i hit mouse a keyboard pref... this is a real problem for me, (problem opening sound preferences).
    ive been huntin for over a week now a cant seen to find a solution???
    i also a sent a report to apple. i would be very greatful if any1 could shed som light!!!!! please

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