Wednesday, June 1, 2011

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  • yellow
    Oct 4, 09:58 AM
    It was set to spellcheck all outgoing messages automatically, but lost the location of its dictionary. How do you think Notes would handle that? Just inform the user, "I can't spellcheck, but would you like me send out the message anyway?", right? Wrong! It wouldn't let the user send any mail at all, until I remoted in and disabled the spellcheck entirely. When I was back on site today, I had to reinstall Notes on her machine to fix it.

    I've run into this one a few times.. very annoying..

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  • RedReplicant
    Sep 1, 01:45 AM

    Not a huge Hayden fan, but I love the Repsol color scheme. Hmm, weird. Not a huge Kawi fan but I still own an 09 zx6r. ;)

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  • mousouchop
    Dec 28, 01:23 PM
    Kindle Free 3G + Wifi version... was only expecting the wifi version, and was pleasantly surprised. :)

    Other than this... I got a safe and Blur for Xbox 360. Oh, and Santa had my full carry pistol permit delivered in the mail Christmas Eve! (hence the safe)

    Overall, good, lean Christmas. I didn't get stuff I didn't need. So glad as to have not had my loved ones waste their money on unnecessary items.

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  • adder7712
    Oct 7, 08:51 AM
    Can't get enough of Reach. :p


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  • sushi
    Oct 31, 03:56 PM
    I wouldn't mind a 2gb shuffle so I don't have to sync as often.
    Wait a year, and you will probably see a 2GB Shuffle with some sort of playlist feature.

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  • FraZant
    Jun 10, 06:13 AM
    Did anyone hear the word 'Tasks' mentioned? Colors in iCal isn't bad when long overdue. But an iPhone without Tasks (not to mention recurring Tasks) is still not a substitute for a plain organizer, be it a Palm or a BlackBerry. Did I miss it or are we still waiting for the next Update? For the time being I'll stick to my T5 and my old Siemens Mobile.


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  • toddybody
    Mar 25, 11:54 AM
    I wonder how difficult it would be find an individual with the talents needed both on the Software Engineering side & the GIS (Geographic Information Systems) side. Most GIS education these days doesn't really focus on programming. Infact, most GIS "programs" are just crash courses on how to operate ESRI products.


    Ha ha! I work with ESRI on ARC integration...Alot of schools are actually providing geospatial related degrees (be it analysis or as a concentration under CS). That said, Id rather the HW improve to have better position referencing.

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  • thenish
    Sep 10, 08:07 PM
    I've attached it because when I usually post it, it comes out too big.

    Anyway you could provide the original? I searched on google but wasn't able to find this one?

    thx in advance


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  • adztaylor
    Mar 27, 03:39 PM
    Haha oh dear. More fool the buyers for not reading the description. ALWAYS read the description for bidding/buying on eBay. But it is quite obvious the seller was out to deceive.

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  • DoFoT9
    Feb 3, 07:43 AM
    For February I've gone with this little bundle of perfection.
    link. please? :)

    Using QuickPick App...
    dear god! i hope apples implementation isnt that ugly :(


    mine from last month, PS'd picture of my doggy! :D (pure bred border collie, 4 years old).

    i think i need a new one, suggestions?


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  • BRLawyer
    Sep 27, 12:01 PM
    still not worth it.

    But for those of you that it is worth it (or have money enough to not care), and are clamoring about an iCal feature, Leopard server has some of that stuff in there, so who knows, it may also be in the works.

    I am SpyMac Club member until late and I must say most features are close to useless...forums are a mess, I don't have time for blogging/webdesigning, one takes a long while to upload something to the online disk and syncing is sketchy...

    This means that .Mac is still pretty far off for me as well...after all, I can barely cope with answering my own emails...:(

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  • Jeffers87
    Jul 9, 06:28 AM
    Think i'm going to be getting there about 6 to half 6 to try to beat the queues.
    Anyone else going to this store?


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  • Winni
    Mar 31, 10:12 AM
    Adobe finally made something useful on the iOS platform.

    Which is kind of hard on such a restricted and limited platform. There would be more useful software for the iPad if it ran a 'real' operating system like Mac OS X -- meaning full file system access and not being tied into ONE App Store with arbitrary rules for what a program is allowed to do.

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  • macfrik
    Apr 25, 12:02 AM
    by seeing the results of the poll, we can see that majority of voters won't buy the new iPhone 4 in white. It is based on around 3200 votes.

    I am not an expert analyst or anything like that, but let me say this now, when the white iPhone 4 launches on April 27th, it is going to be chaos and out of stock because there are TONS of demands of this phone I dont know why. Same thing goes with the iPad 1 and the white iPad 2, people are saying that iPad 1 was just a bigger iPod touch, and the white iPad 2 was ugly and terrible-looking. But see now, TONS of people decided to choose white iPad 2 instead of the black one.

    Typical Apple fan. They vote no, and when they finally see in person, they can't resist to buy one even if they have a black iPhone 4.

    For me personally, I have the original iPhone 4 in black that I bought back in June last year and I am looking to upgrade to the white iPhone 4 and sell the black one.

    Just an opinion though


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  • jeffy.dee-lux
    Jan 10, 08:18 PM
    New Passat, new Jetta... they've obviously established a strong family resemblance, but I think it's taken "conservative good looks" way too far, to the point that these two cars are just too bland. I could change my opinion when I see them in person, but so far I'm not very impressed.

    At least it's more of an effort than the "new" Civic concepts! Holy crap, Honda - what's happened? That Civic was space-age in terms of design when it first came out back in 2005 or so, it was very cool! Now we get this concept that looks like it could've been at SEMA back in 2006. When you tone down the "concept" aspect of this showcar, it's gonna be a very weak mid-cycle enhancement over the current model, definitely not a complete new model in my book. Sorry for going OT, there should be a general NAIAS thread or something...

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  • likemyorbs
    Apr 14, 12:13 AM
    Right. And when my white friends and I call each other the "N" word, it's just a figure of speech we use to describe each other's bitchin' sun tan.

    :D:D:D:D I literally just LOL'd.


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  • timswim78
    Jan 9, 04:59 PM
    I answered that the keynote was excellent. Although, I am not interested in owning either product (I don't have a TV, and I abuse cells phone too much to spend $600 on one), I did think that these were fabulously well thought and engineered products. I am sure that they will both have great success.

    Steve really shafted us on the computer side though. The mac mini line really needs an upgrade. At $600 and $800 each, they don't hold their value against similarly priced Windows machines.

    My fear is that Apple will devote too much resources to other projects and sort of abandon computers, like they abandoned everything else to work on the original Mac. We'll see.

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  • mikedroof
    Jun 21, 02:03 AM
    I heard you cant line up outside the mall entrance.

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  • Michaelgtrusa
    Dec 3, 10:58 PM
    Nere's mine.

    Apr 20, 04:40 PM
    Android will be on more things by the end of the year. iOS is restricted to apple products. But we are already seeing the creativity that people are using android for. Being that it is open source and easy to modify and write on we have many things. Android now powers eReaders, TVs, Video games, and even a microwave

    Apr 14, 07:56 PM
    My application produces a timer value when I shake the iphone. I need to perform 8 shakes and after each shake, i need to save that particular result into a file and later retrieve these values from the file to convert them into binary format. Can someone tell me if this can be done? If so, how?


    Apr 8, 05:10 AM
    Loved battlezone and red baron as a small child....worth $.99 easily. May plug another buck for tempest. $15 for the package, a lot of which consists of atari 2600 titles which even had crappy graphics for the 70's, pass.

    iCade looks interesting, though.

    Apr 28, 09:16 AM
    Do you have the Gmail accounts setup as Pop or Imap? If it's Pop, try switching them to IMap.

    Mar 16, 09:50 PM
    , but when a woman finds herself violated or raped after dressing up like a Las Vegas showgirl on a coffee break she shouldn't be surprised of being accused having instigated it in some way.

    She maybe shouldn't be surprised but that doesn't make the accusation any less wrong.

    If you walk through a bad neighborhood at 3:00AM and you are robbed and murdered your behavior was certainly unwise. Does that mean you hold responsibility for your murder?

    Would you suggest that we vindicate your attacker because you made a bad decision?

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