Thursday, June 2, 2011

pyramids in mexico

pyramids in mexico. Pyramid complex near Giza is
  • Pyramid complex near Giza is

  • RawBert
    Feb 24, 02:58 PM
    Thanks for the link.

    Happy Birthday, Steve. :)

    pyramids in mexico. de Mexico). Has 7 pyramids
  • de Mexico). Has 7 pyramids

  • Kenrik
    Nov 12, 01:47 PM
    I used to use FCP I found it to be overly complicated to do simple tasks. I manly focus on print design so I have not used it for several years.

    Recently I have had to make several projects and I found that Premier CS5 was actually a very strong video editing package. It runs smooth, has a clean Adobe interface and everything worked out great.

    While I like CS5, I absolutely hate Adobe due to their ultra crappy Indian based tech support. If you buy $10,000 worth of software from a company you don't expect them to charge you $39 just to talk to a person who is getting paid $1 per hour to read a script.

    pyramids in mexico. the giant quot;Pyramid of the
  • the giant quot;Pyramid of the

  • Jalexster
    Feb 14, 02:38 AM
    Uh, I don't know if this has been asked before, but, about edesignuk's job at dealing with threads that get off track... What if it's edesignuk himself who gets it off track? What happens then?

    Please don't hurt me! I'm scared of the mods. I mean no disrespect! It's just a question, I swear! I wasn't implying anything!

    pyramids in mexico. pyramids, Acapulco, Mexico
  • pyramids, Acapulco, Mexico

  • NoNothing
    Oct 2, 09:30 AM
    This is similar to how I feel about Exchange/Outlook. Companies want to use Exchange only because it is one stop shopping for IT. In a corporate environment, Exchange is so inadequate as to be laughable. This is from a user stand point. It message/email tracking are simply pathetic IMO. It really feels like it is a personal email system forced to live in a corporate environment.

    I have used Notes extensively as a database platform and have been dually impressed with what it can do. In one case, it was a bug/change tracking system and the implementation of the database was simply sweet. I have never heavily used the email system but going from Groupwise to Exchange was a shock in just how bad Exchange was.


    When I start looking for a new job - the first question I'll ask is which Universal Messaging Platform have you deployed in your Enterprise? If they answer "Notes" I'll know the following about their organziation:

    1. They care more about the dollar than about usability and employee satisfaction
    2. The VP of IT is probably sleeping with the IBM rep
    3. The business only uses it because they don't know any better (they've been there too long and have never used anything other than Notes and AOL).
    4. They think that Notes databases are cool and hip and truly believe Access is an enterprise level database
    5. And finally, they are so damn stupid they probably have Lotus 123 and Word Perfect as their "Office Suite"

    "Save me lord from these fools"


    pyramids in mexico. the town before the pyramids.
  • the town before the pyramids.

  • Tymmz
    Nov 20, 03:41 PM
    Um, I do. How else are you supposed to IM people using AIM, GAIM, etc.?

    Of course. I know that some people use iChat, but how many? .X %?

    I'm fine with SkypeOut. One number for the rest of the world. But like I said. It would be nice, if Apple keeps their Phone open to other IMs (mass market).

    pyramids in mexico. to the Pyramids in Mexico
  • to the Pyramids in Mexico

  • dernhelm
    Oct 1, 06:15 PM
    Well said. Maybe its time freeware communities such as OpenOffice make a HUGE push of functionality, portability, efficiency, and ability to work with Active Directory & Such to challenge MS.

    I thought about that as I wrote it. The main problem is that any application that matters will need to interoperate seamlessly with outlook clients and other exchange servers. It has got to deal with appointments, resources, etc, exactly the same way Outlook does. Since the details of all that is built on a closed platform, it won't be easy. You can try to compensate by interoperating with the open portions of Active Directory, but that wouldn't really be enough.

    That said, I really don't think it would be hard to outperform Exchange/Outlook, and you could provide similar functionality in a different way, but the real problem is interoperating.


    pyramids in mexico. Teotihuacan Pyramids, Mexico
  • Teotihuacan Pyramids, Mexico

  • wPod
    Nov 2, 01:37 PM
    As expected, FedEx delivered my shuffle this morning.

    The pictures don't do it justice. The thing is really smaller than you think it is, even looking at the pictures. So far I'm rather pleased.

    do you have any pics of your own??!?!?!

    pyramids in mexico. the pyramids
  • the pyramids

  • fowler.
    Feb 19, 04:01 PM


    pyramids in mexico. See more mexico pyramids
  • See more mexico pyramids

  • TheMonarch
    Sep 24, 07:50 PM
    but why not? sex is good, and if both consent to it then their should be no problems as long as they know to be safe ect.

    The why not is not the point. Its the fact that parents don't lose control the very second they're 18.

    pyramids in mexico. Mexico Teotihuacan: pyramids
  • Mexico Teotihuacan: pyramids

  • JGruber
    Mar 10, 09:29 AM
    You will get the same message if you use Blizzards Mobile Authenticator, I'm sure it has to do with keeping your private info safe.


    pyramids in mexico. Pyramid of the Sun, Moon
  • Pyramid of the Sun, Moon

  • jhnnyklry9394
    Oct 6, 12:51 PM
    New for this month:

    pyramids in mexico. Secrets Of The Pyramid
  • Secrets Of The Pyramid

  • Brasilian
    Apr 26, 11:09 AM
    I just tried Jailbreaking my Ipod 4th Gen, 4.1.2 with PwnageTool. Everything is fine until I have to restore it, I have gotten three different errors so far, one was 8, the other was 1604 and I forget the third.
    I can successfully enter DFU mode and choose which firmware I need to restore with, it's just unsuccessful when I try restoring it, theres either an error, or Cydia doesn't appear and it says "Restore Complete"


    pyramids in mexico. pyramids), Mexico City and
  • pyramids), Mexico City and

  • tigres
    Apr 7, 10:02 AM
    When I got my iPad 2, I had been having this issue. But once I updated to 4.3.1 I haven't had this problem. Did 4.3.1 fix this issue for anyone else or do some of you still have this problem?

    Did not fix for our iPad, at all.

    4.3 and 4.3.1 has been a disaster. The animations are so choppy it makes it almost androidesque. I hope they actually fix it this time rather than just patching a jailbreak. I wish I could go back to 4.2.1 where the phone was actually stable and smooth.

    I am going to have to agree with this. Stutters, screen shaking while refreshing a large image, airplay to apple tv is buggy as all get out.

    pyramids in mexico. Pyramid outside Mexico
  • Pyramid outside Mexico

  • jmann
    Aug 1, 05:33 PM
    That's a cute idea. I know some people who would benefit from this.


    pyramids in mexico. Ancient Aztec pyramids
  • Ancient Aztec pyramids

  • Necross
    Apr 6, 12:58 PM
    On December 12, 2012, this system is going to become self aware and kill us all. It's true, I read it on the internet.

    pyramids in mexico. Pyramid Robot
  • Pyramid Robot

  • BobbieM629
    Apr 10, 11:32 PM
    I've noticed this too with the iPad 2, BUT I know I am using it more. I think it was 4.3.1 honestly though :(


    pyramids in mexico. pyramids in Mexico
  • pyramids in Mexico

  • kirk26
    Apr 7, 08:40 AM
    How about that lame safari bug when you click on a YouTube link the browser turns blank?

    Don't keep your eyes closed then.

    pyramids in mexico. GREAT PYRAMID OF XCOCH, MEXICO

  • d4rkc4sm
    Apr 27, 05:12 PM
    Why does it take a media storm for Apple to open up on an issue ? It would be so much better if they more forthcoming and frank before an issue snowballs.

    your mind is a place i wouldn't want to inhabit. your thought process is sad. i feel sorry for you.

    pyramids in mexico. oldest pyramids in Mexico.
  • oldest pyramids in Mexico.

  • joecool99
    Dec 22, 12:09 AM
    100% agree macs do not belong to ENTERPRISE environment.
    i was working as IT admin in the past in EU, all Windows, UNIX, Linux.

    however, as a personal computer it blows away the XP and W7. If personal prefers it, MACs should be allowed as clients on Windows based Enterprise networks if required. Creative dept. for example.

    • ease of use
    • FW and TARGET disc mode features.
    • Easy of grabbing a cropped screenshot
    • Some smart application design, ease of sharing files, great solid networking (10.6.5)
    • expose!
    • great dashboard design
    • best straigtforward backup system built into the OS
    • COLOR coding files and folders !!!
    • and other i cannot thing of right now
    • ctrl + alt + apple +8

    • HW price
    • short lived OSX support

    as personal computer it's a better choice for me, i switched in 2005 and never looked back. at Work we have W7 and MAC mini server for file sharing. BUT again, it's not for Enterprise solution, no doubt about it.

    Apr 27, 11:42 AM

    Saw one of these parked up down my road earlier, in my opinion it's the best car on the market today. Amazing looking, so comfortable, and very very fast when they need to be.

    Jan 9, 04:17 PM
    its not coming out in england until Q4!

    only england eh?

    not scotland, wales and northern ireland?:rolleyes:

    Aug 12, 10:14 PM
    here is mine

    Apr 6, 11:45 AM
    1 petabyte = 1000 terrabytes or 1 million gigabytes.

    Apr 25, 07:17 AM
    I know the reason, or the supposed reason (who knows, Apple has been as tight lipped as ever on the issue) . If true, its a disgrace it made it to the keynote presentation, without the issue being identified or a reasonable fix found. I don't care how you square it - being 10 months late for a device who has an average life of 12 months is utter incompetence and hence disgraceful.

    Hats off for Apple sticking to it, but that does not take away from the fact that they should never have made the promise w/o a better understanding of production issues. The iPhone 4 design has been around since at least January per spy shots of the iPad before release. So, its not as if the design was so new that they could claim there was no time to identify the issue until after the June 2010 keynote by Steve Jobs.

    Once again you are proving that you know nothing about production issues.

    There is a big difference between making a few samples to show and circulate and real en masse production.
    There are also issues with white products that only show up after a certain amount of time.
    White tends to have aluminum oxide pigments and in many cases light inhibitors. Depending on the material used there may have been a delayed photo mechanical reaction.
    That especially, when several layers of white are used.
    But I am only guessing, the real issues are only know to Apple.

    You also know absolutely NOTHING about the real issues other than what people speculated.

    For Apple to recognize it and NOT ship it, just because they showed it proves what a good company they are.

    Whatever time it then took to fix it is unimportant.

    If you would be for once logical you could see that in Apple's eyes there was a significant problem that took time to figure out.

    If there wasn't it would have shipped already long time ago!

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